ETL Pentaho Data Integration Tutorial

ETL Extract, transform and Load is the corner stone for Business Intelligence and Data warehousing projects. Learning ETL is not always an easy job and that is the reason ETL developers are highly paid.
However, tools like Pentaho Data Integration Suite (Kettle) has made this job easy for newbies learning ETL.

I thought to share this simple and easy to learn Pentaho (Kettle) ETL  starter tutorial.

Incremental Update using Pentaho Kettle

Incremental update (SCD Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3) is the most corner stone developing ETL scripts for populating a Data mart.

Pentaho Kettle is a marvelous tool for data migration in very easy steps. I have been using Kettle for multiple Business Intelligence projects for data migration purpose and I found it very easy to learn and produce the desired out put with in no time. Kettle provides a very useful step Dimension Lookup-Update for incremental update your dimensions. Read full story »

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