Asynchronous support in Servlet 3.0

Asynchronous support in Servlet 3.0

After Web 2.0, web development focused asynchronous processing in server push implementations like Reverse Ajax or Comet. For diving into asynchronous over the web first we need to understand some background.

Necessary Background

HTTP 1.0 Vs HTTP 1.1

HTTP 1.0

– Connection between a Web browser and Web Server is closed after a single request/response cycle.

HTTP 1.1

– Supports persistent connections. Connection is kept alive and may be reused for multiple requests.

Persistent Connections enhances the communication performance by eliminating the need of negotiating the TCP connection every time.

A single Thread per connection

Usually the web server vendors have implemented single thread per connection to boost the server performance. Once the connection is closed, the dedicated thread is sent back to the server thread pool to be re-used for the Read full story »

Upgrades in Servlet 3.0

Servlet 3.0

After the release of Servlet 3.0 specification, ground breaking impact has been found on Java Web application development platforms.

Major upgrades in Servlet 3.0

  • Asynchronous Support
  • Annotations (ease of configurations)
  • File upload
  • Modularization of web.xml

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